To squat or anti-squat in the Netherlands

On my last trip to the Netherlands, amid the obligatory bike ride to the windmill park and the random free boat ride down the canal in Amsterdam, I discovered that the Dutch have come up with a creative solution to the debated occupation of empty buildings, which happens all over the world. As it turns […]

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In Cuba

The revolution made Cuba forever famous. As Che Guevara and Fidel Castro, or el comandante, as the people call him, followed in the footsteps of José Martí, the Carabbean island became at last independent in 1959. Years of political turbulence ensued, and today Cuba has moved far from its original socialism. Nevertheless, it continues to […]

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Buenos Aires

I like Buenos Aires. I found myself in the Argentinean capital due to a rather impulsive decision; after spending a month in Florida I was supposed to go back to Barcelona, but told myself it would be foolish to leave the western hemisphere without a pit stop in South America. After all, I was in […]

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On the Chilean coast, an hour from the capital of Santiago, lays a little treasure, called Valparaíso. The size, however, does not reflect its historical importance. Thoughout the years it has served as South America’s biggest sea port, playing an essential role during the gold rush in California, in addition to being home to the […]

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